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Gackt@Changi Airport

Oct. 27th, 2009 | 09:45 pm
Current Mood: anxiouslost

 Seeing him was so unreal! It was like, like seeing the Loch Ness in the flesh! Eileen and I had just come back from searching for shops that sold contact lenses at T3, and while we sat on the floor stoning/dozing off, two guys in black polo Ts and lanyards with tags came by, and we perked up, Eileen wondering, “Might they be staff?” Then Bong, Rabbit, we all laughed – “Airport staff lah! Getting waaaaaay oversensitive to black shirts and tags eh!!!”


Not long after they disappeared, Doreen, who’d wandered nearby, picked up a call and scared the birds in Jurong with: “HAH???!!! T3????!!!!!

and everyone just GRABBED their stuff and RAN. They were only running for the-Sky-Train-which-hadn’t-come-yet, but you could just see everyone’s head going round and round. Doreen was yelling, pop-eyed, into her handphone at Hasurong who’d phoned, and all the Sky Train passengers staring at this insane rowdy group of girls/women! And at that crucial time, my mind was almost completely blanked out, except for one perfectly clear, lucid thought: “Oh crap, we’re not going to have anything to do for the rest of the day/night/week!”

T3 was the one terminal we weren't expecting, because Olivia and Hasurong were just playing safe by covering the 9.45am transit flight to LA via Tokyo-Narita, whereas the flights we WERE expecting him to take were the direct flights at T1 or T2!

“You’re sure 是他!Row 6 ah! Row 6! Checking in! He’s checking in now!” Doreen double-confirmed, triple-confirmed, while we all told each other, “DON’T RUN, remember, DON’T RUN, we’ll scare him off and he’ll start running too!” but of course we ran, like starving mice to a Huge Blue Cheese!

First number we saw was Row 11, humongous, and Row 1 2 3 far far far away down in the distance, and everyone began cursing and swearing, but running all the same, and as we neared Row 6 we began scanning the faces at the front of the queues, the check-in attendants with their backs to us. Row 6 was disguised under the mnemonic “Business Class”. Bong was one of the first to run round the back of the queues, and I heard those up ahead with her crying feverishly and not-so-discreetly, “Is that him? There? Is that him???” and pointing, then I saw –

I saw.

I saw him.


He was standing away from the queue and his staff, directly facing, talking to, Olivia and Hasurong (LUCKY THINGS!!!) and
atthispointmybrainshortcircuitedandIstoppedthinkingand“repeat” “that’s him in the flesh that’s Gackt that’s him in the flesh that’s Gackt that’shiminthefleshthat’sGackt that’shiminthefleshthat’sGackt that’shiminthefleshthat’sGacktthat’shiminthefleshthat’s Gacktthat’shiminthefleshthat’sGacktThat’shiminthefleshthat’sGackt that’shiminthefuckingfleshthat’s GACKT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Standing there all 180cm of him, looking absolutely Gackt-ish a beautiful black and brown synthetic leather jacket and a black T-shirt and dark grey? – the others insist navy! – synthetic leather pants. And boots. Don’t forget the boots. Black chrunky compfortable army-issue Doc Marten-like boots. He stood slack, slightly slouching, legs loosely casual, looking and being utterly Real, Touchable, Believable, the Genuine Article!

We all 涌上去包围他 XD And I entered his his his his radiation, no, luminous, no, halo radius, later identified as Chanel Egoist Platinum, officially his favourite perfume!

A few seconds(!) later a third group came dashing up breathlessly to join us, and Ga-kun was going, all at once, “你们都是新加坡歌迷吗?你们也是吗?” to eager nods all over the place ^-^

His skin is flawed. It’s so real it’s flawed. It’s human skin. Brown, with pores, and old (acne?) scars, and speckles, and gorgeous. I mean, it’s REAL SKIN! Which means his perfect white vampire-like skin post-Live@The Rock is simply excellent MAKE UP, wow, Olivia said even his arms, neck etc. then were the same smooth even fair colour… The fact that his skin at the airport wasn't perfect like that time, was a major part of my becoming convinced He Is Standing Here In Front Of Me, A Breathing Living Human, Like Anyone Else! In addition, of course, to the smell. The perfume. Which I didn’t notice till later.

And then there was the fact that he was SAYING STUFF that COULDN’T BE REPLAYED, oh gawds haha!

Bong asked if we could have his autograph, and he said “Sure!” This little gasp went up all round, and haha everyone began digging in their bags straightaway! So this whole motley assortment of paper, notebooks, merchandise appeared for him to sign, and the poor man had to try and sign it all on his washboard stomach, until Doreen produced a file for him as backing. For each autograph he would ask for the name, gosh it was so sweet how he made sure to spell every single one correctly, good man!

Meanwhile everyone was just standing in awed silence, watching him. I could almost FEEL the hope stretching taut across  the atmosphere around us, with everyone praying he’d sign theirs next! XD There was even an airline staff, lady in uniform from behind check-in counter, who came out with a blank boarding pass for him to sign, for a relative/friend I think! She called him “Mr Brian” at first and G was totally perplexed, until one of us fans cleared things up for her XD

Oh yes, at one point, Kee's handphone started ringing - and guess what her ringtone was? The chorus of Oblivious! "Shizuka niiiiii tadaaaa... hakanakunemuri tzukeru sugaaaaaaatagaaaa..." RIGHT in the middle of the silence! Right in front of him! Everyone broke into giggles, all the staff hanging around started sniggering, even the man himself twitched his lips in amusement XD Classic moment, totally! Well done Kee!

While he was busy writing some staff asked me, “How did you know he would be taking this flight?” so I said, he’d told a fan yesterday he’d be leaving today, and that all the flight information was online, we just had to check. They pressed, “But how did you know – this flight?” I told them Changi Airport posts all the departure, arrival information online, (At this point the two exchanged glances that said, “OH, so THAT’S it!” I REGRETTED TELLING THEM THIS AFTERWARD, STILL DO!) and we just stationed people around. I did stress it was entirely by chance that we saw him, but clearly they thought we still had some insider info: they said “sure, sure” in an obviously disbelieving way. *shrugs*

Throughout the whole thing his staff were pressing G to go, poking and nudging him from behind, and he kept half-turning and nodding, in an okay-okay-I-got-it sort of way, though once he did turn and ask, “还有时间吗?” Now I know what the phrase “hen-pecked” refers to! He looked exactly like that. They were pushing him to leave, and all he wanted was to let as many fans as possible get the autographs they were dying for. One guy tried to tell him, “最后一个了”but G still did, like, 2 more. (Even so not everyone there who wanted an autograph got one.)

As he returned the last one, I asked, (been dying to know this) “Gakuto-san, how did you find Singapore?” He was a bit  blur, “me?” then, half a second’s pause later, he declared, “Loved it!”             Come on Gakuto-san I’m sure you can do better than that. It’s probably his standard answer to any fan in any country I really hope he meant it! Despite my doubts I could feel myself grinning, as was everyone else, and a few “seriously?!”s popped up simultaneously, to be answered “Seriously!” with a nod. And this time he looked like he meant it.

Then, for the first time volunteering information, he said, “I’ll come back soon! Maybe next year.” Someone cried, “for a concert?!” He nodded: “Maybe, maybe. But I’ll be back.” Someone else: “Promise???” and he nodded, “Promise!”

He had to go then, but Bong asked last minute, in Japanese, if we could all have a photo together with him; he turned to look questioningly at his staff, who said no, and that was that, daddy’s word is law, little kids! But the fact was, he himself was perfectly okay with it.

He really had to leave, so everyone all waved a little despondently… then chased after him, as he passed through the departure gate, and left oily face-marks on the glass while staring! XD He hugged the local staff before leaving and lol you could almost see all us fans turning green when he hugged the girl! And when he casually looped an arm around a really short Japanese girl’s shoulder as they walked away into the departure hall area. The others say she was his manager. I try to think of it as a friendly gesture, not an intimate one. I try.

Kee brought attention to the fact that he didn't look too good. His skin was stretched thin over his cheekbones, and his cheeks looked rather on the sunken side - poor fellow! Fingers a little scarily bony too, you could see all the stringy tendons, but then maybe his musician's fingers are meant to be skinny. Doesn't change the fact that he looked tired, frail, overworked - even despite the relaxed moods he'd been spotted in during the first and last few days of his "holiday"!

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A small slice of peace and quiet

Oct. 24th, 2009 | 08:49 pm
Current Mood: apatheticapathetic

After two hours of semi-sleep, a day of school in which my PW mates are openly hating me now I think seeing as I've hardly been doing my share of work (strangely that doesn't make me feel as guilty as I should be), and then all.... that.

I'm just... tired.

There have been voices in my head.Voice #1 is quiet but persistent: "Now I'm sitting here in my room, while he shops casually at Orchard. Now I'm in class, words flying over my head, while in a hotel less than 5km away he stretches, like a panther, and wakes up. Now I'm walking around town, looking for him in all the places he isn't at, while in an obscure fancy restaurant he eats dinner with his companions." 

It started when I first heard confirmed news on Tuesday about Taka, and hasn't stopped since - a constant, low murmuring at the bottom of my mind, that's always just not soft enough, and too clear, to become a drone.

Voice #2 has actually been around for a week or so, but didn't really speak up until Wednesday. It says, "doyourPW yourgroupmatesaregoingtokillyou Yourealisewhatchoiceyou'remaking? notjustGacktoverPW - biggerchoicesthanthat. yourgroupmateswantyourblood. doyourPW. 

Voice #3 is a drone, but a big, loud one, like someone speaking right into your ear without bothering to whisper. It says,"NoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTimeNoTime..."

This one began yesterday, when PW was weighing 20kg on the left side of my head, and Gackt's card and the Suntec meeting was weighing 20kg on my right. The usual 20kg of He'sHere! excitement weighing in my heart, was also beginning to feel like 30kg.

It took effort to laugh and joke with everyone when I'd met them, but the energy came automatically, where from I don't know, been running on scarce amounts of sleep and food for the past 3 days. No - well, I do know, it's kind of obvious, only place it could come from is the heart.

Though I was relieved too in a way, and glad to see everyone, glad to be doing

Strange how Fate works, that we met Lady K.

When Akimme received the tip-off, and I made up my mind not to go see him... the scales tilted, and something changed then. Mika makes a great counsellor - when she's in the mood! :)

I went home blank. Which felt great after successive days and nights of mental chaos.

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Oct. 20th, 2009 | 09:20 pm
Current Mood: hyperhyper


Remembertobreathe remembertobreathe remembertobreath remembertobreathe remembertobreathe




Still alive. Still here. Not dead yet. NOT WHEN HE'S HERE of course not dead yet!!!!

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I won't be posting here anymore

Jun. 17th, 2007 | 12:44 pm

Ok, that's it. This LJ is over. Finished.

Well I'm sorry, but that's it, folks! To the few people who've been watching the nonexistent activity on my LJ, thank you so much for putting up with my angst and emotional rubbish! I'll probably still comment occasionally using this account, especially for witchstone. I just need some time out to reorganize my life.

Don't worry, I still love Gackt... but I don't want to give up myself in the process. It's hard to explain, though I think most fans feel this way to some degree.

Well, good luck, stay happy, and keep loving  =)


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Nothing else matters.

Apr. 16th, 2007 | 02:29 am
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: Blackfield - Lullaby

It's 12:53am 16 April 2007 and I'm scared, and I'm tired, but mostly I'm scared.

1973~2007. No. How could he? He has to wait. I've planned out my entire future just to increase my chances of meeting him. 

I fell in love with his voice in 2005, his smooth, luscious vocals which flow forth from beyond the larynx. He sings with his heart, does he not? his songs are the voice of emotion. Be it the coaxingly deep come-hither baritone, or the stunning spine-tingling falsetto, his silken bow of passion will run along the strings of your heart and he will play your emotions until you finally break down. It is no use resisting him. His music will seep into you slowly, quietly, until one day you realize, all of a sudden, that it has taken over you and you can no longer do without it.

It was Diabolos that sealed the druidstone into me. All of a sudden I wanted to see the man behind the music. The first glimpse I had was from Google Images; from the multiple small thumbnails I merely saw he was quite good-looking, the fool I was. 

Then I opened a link to take a closer look and shock streaked through my nerves. My jaw dropped and I spent the next half a day trawling for pictures. How could I have never known? I must have been blind, to let such beauty sit unnoticed for years. When the visual feast got too overwhelming for my myopic eyes I collapsed backward onto my bed, his image spinning in my mind behind small explosions of coloured static. 

From every angle I studied my mental image of him. His burning hot, meltingly intense gaze which in the next instant could morph into large brown puppy dog eyes; his perfect, sensual lips which seem to invite an interminable kiss every time they part; the well-shaped angles of his jaw and nose that every girl longs to trace with feather-light fingertips. 

Strong arms that you dream would envelope you in a tight warm embrace, elegant fingers fraught with the potential of drawing melodies from the grand piano that could make you overflow with tears...or synthesize sizzling guitar chords that send delicious thrills running through you. His skin radiates so gentle a sheen, his solid body could have been carved out of the finest marble.

Delight in watching him stroll, that is sufficient: look how he moves with grace and poise, perfectly comfortable with himself. Watch him, and love him; close your eyes, look into yourself. 
Can you find it in you to love, wholly, unconditionally, and with all your heart?

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Mar. 1st, 2007 | 11:13 pm
Location: my blue room. freaking out.
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: NOTHING because I'm SAVING BATTERY!

Ok I'm really sorry if I don't post frequently but for reasons which I shall post later my tablet PC (aka Meds) can't be charged at home and I can only do it at school and my battery lifespan is really short now that it's getting wrinkles and white hair and right now I'm working on only 23% battery because my school charging station has no freaking light to indicate that the current is flowing which means my battery was there for 2 hours for nothing. Again, sorry about the hasty post. I'm just freaking out big-time because I have so many things in Meds that the TA department is not supposed to know about so I have to burn them all before I entrust poor Meds to their coffers for repair work. *sobs* I shall simply die over the weekend if this charging station thing plays tricks on me again. And now the 'Low Battery' bubble happily pops up. Goddamnit. I don't usually waste battery on turning on my wireless connection but seeing as today is screwed up anyway... and omigod there is a pile of work I owe my teachers FUCK I do NOT want to rely on that sonofabitch charging station for another WEEK!

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Feb. 23rd, 2007 | 08:23 pm
Location: Apple green living room of new house
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Current Music: Gackt - No ni Saku Hana no yo ni (pf style)

The email I sent to  postmaster@gacktworlddears.com


Nickname: ViQue
Country: Singapore

All I can say is: Thank you.

There are thousands of us out here who are unable to fly overseas, be it due to financial, age or political problems. Some came across Gackt by chance and fell in love at once, but cannot to support him due to financial difficulties. Some have to travel a few miles to get to the closest Gackt merchandise store. Some do not even have internet access; they have to pay to use the local library's, and for many of us the internet is the only means of communication with other Gackt fans.

Fans like us have no way of expressing our love except through silent, urgent, perhaps repressed encouragement. Not everyone understands Japanese,though thousands are learning - because of Gackt. Now that World Dears has been set up, we feel as if his back is no longer turned to us.

Again, heartfelt thanks for setting up this great project.

His forever,

And the Korea and Taiwan concerts, that stint with Ji Min Jia 纪敏佳....

Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's taken his time, but it looks like the prettyboy's eventually gotten round to opening his eyes and daring to come out of his comfort zone... Honestly, he's had Japan collared for ages now; heaven knows what he was doing in Madagascar, but it sure didn't seem to productive. Maybe he learnt a lot of personal lessons there but it doesn't really help him in expanding his kingdom. Didn't he say in Sawasdee>Interviews that his long-term goal is Asia... then the world... etc... Korea, now, and Taiwan... that's a different story altogether.

I admit I was a bit disappointed when he went for Korea first, but that's just personal bias. From a Japanese born-and-bred far-famed artiste's point of view, I guess Korea would be the sensible choice, despite the nukes and all OMG PLEASE DON'T BOARD A HIJACKED PLANE AND GET BLOWN TO PIECES IN NORTH KOREA GA-CHAN sorry panic attack where was I? oh yes anyway as I told pixiezdust on 27 December 2006, if I were him I'd go this way Japan>Korea>Taiwan>Hong Kong>China>Singapore. Ok perhaps China before Hong Kong. Yup. So Japan>America>Korea>Taiwan>China>Hong Kong>Singapore. The US can just float away. Come on, he visits those lucky devils all the fucking time, isn't it our turn yet?! *pouts and glares jealously, green daggers shooting from eyes*

What a pity we're, like, the eensiest of the eensy. Yes, the APEC is based here, and Wiki states "Asia has three main financial centres: in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo" but still we're small enough to fly over and not be noticed!!! Aaaaargh!!!!!

Tell me size doesn't matter. Tell me size doesn't matter. Nekohedo~san, be allured by our advanced technology and world-class hotels and whatever-else revolting bullshit the government propogates! Well the food part is true though. Bet the hottest, most well-built Asian man will get fat here XD

Let us greet him thousand-strong and show him that we are just as good as or even better than the Japanese fans he's used to.

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